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2020 Vision

2020 vision

OPC is at a crossroad. It is time for us to decide if we continue on the same path and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in loan interest for the existing mortgage on our building or do we change directions and determine a new future for ourselves and our ability to impact the community?The 2020 Vision Capital Campaign starts the process to eliminate or significantly reduce the balance of our mortgage by December 2020 and free up much needed resources that can be used in more impactful ways.

2020 vision chartWe have made great progress and already paid for 75% of our expansion.  Now is the time to tackle the last 25%!  The outstanding balance on our current mortgage is just under $1.2 million.  Our monthly mortgage payment is almost $6,900 every month ($83,000 per year).  If we continue on the same path and just make our monthly payment, over the remaining life of the loan we will pay the bank $1.9 million in total.  However, if we can pay off our mortgage by December 2020, we can save over $690,000 in interest payments.  Can you imagine the impact that can be made with those savings? Without the burden of a mortgage, we can fully turn our attention to other needs in our church and community such as increasing our presence in Oswego and surrounding areas; providing for long term maintenance of our facility; expanding our youth programs, family and senior ministries; and improving our intergenerational fellowship. Just imagine the possibilities!

So how can we manage to pay off our mortgage in just 4 years?  It will take ALL of us to recognize and support the mission of Oswego Presbyterian Church - to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  If each family gives an additional $105 a month beyond their normal giving ($5,100 over the 4 year term), the debt would almost be entirely paid off. We know that some families can give more and some must give less, so please prayerfully consider your support of the church and our mission.  Perhaps a one-time gift to the campaign is within your means and could help OPC reduce our mortgage debt even more quickly.

thermometerWe owe a HUGE thank you to the families that have already pledged over $288,000 to reduce the principle balance of our mortgage over the next four years.  We are hoping you will ask not for “God to bless our church” but “God, what is my part in Your blessing of our church?” 

If you believe that OPC should change our direction and become a more effective contributor to our community, please complete a pledge card by clicking here and return it to the office or our financial secretary.  The sooner pledges are received; the closer we are to removing the burden of a mortgage.

If you have any questions concerning the 2020 Vision Capital Campaign, making a pledge, or would like to discuss pledges of securities, estates or insurance proceeds please feel free to contact Lisa Udy, Becky Murray or Chuck Corbett through the OPC Office at (630)554-8194.


2 Corinthians 9:6-11,13 “He who sows beautifully will also reap bountifully. God loves a cheerful giver. God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance. He will supply and multiply your resources. You will be enriched. You will glorify God by your generosity.”

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